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IRP Audit Reports

The IRP Audit Exchange site provides secure storage, exchange and notification of audit completion. Each jurisdiction primary and secondary audit exchange representative has access to the site for uploading their jurisdiction audits and notifying affected foreign jurisdictions. Likewise, they can view/download foreign jurisdiction audits when they are notified. The audit reports will be maintained on the site for a period of two years after which time, they will be moved to archives on the IRP website.

Each electronic file will follow the following naming convention when uploaded to the site:

IRP account number [DASH] Fleet Number(s) [DASH] years(s) audited [DASH] Special Code (only when applicable).

Special Codes:

IR Inadequate Records

AA Amended Audit

EX Re-audit






For more information on the IRP Audit Program and detailed instructions on the use of this site,
please go to and navigate to Programs and Resources/Audit Program.

Contact or 703-963-2326 with questions or user account credentials.